Workplace Bullying

The Bully At Work Gets Away!

Bullying in the workplace is not a new phenomenon. It hadn’t unfortunately been exposed to the light of day until the last several years. There’s also been a tremendous level of apathy and silence by employees who are the targets of abuse. This has resulted in workplace bullying victims resigning themselves to ongoing psychological, verbal, physical, emotional and even spiritual abuse.

One of the most unhealthy workplace cultures is one that allows workplace bullies to operate as a part of normal business function or activity. This hostile workplace environment is not only tolerated but also condoned by many organizations and employers. That’s why the bully at work maintains his or her position of terrorism. The following are some tactics bully employers and their bully employees use to get away with bullying.

The Workplace Bully

The Target Is At Fault
Employers and bullies trick or deceive the bully victim into believing he or she is responsible for being bullied.

Divide And Conquer The Bully Victim
Job bullies will sometimes separate their targets from co-workers before an attack. This tactic eliminates witnesses to the bullying.

Favorite Employee Bullies
Many employers allow and tolerate bullying at work if the bully is considered a “high performer”, well liked, favorite or asset.

Remote Control Bullying
Another dirty little secret is that owners, managers and supervisors bully employees by “proxy”. This means they will harass a target thru another employee.

Workplace Bully Discrimination
Bullies at work will use adverse employment action against the target. Things like promotion denials, bad job evaluations, worst job schedules and no salary increases are used against the bully victim.

No Workplace Bully Protection
It is amazing that bullying at work is still LEGAL in America. There is yet NO U.S. government laws protecting victims of job bullying. This creates another huge obstacle for the target of the workplace bully to overcome.

Workplace Bullies

Intimidated Bullying Witnesses
Co-workers for various reasons including fear of retaliation by management will not report workplace bullying they witness.

Intimidated Bully Victims
Many targets of bullies at work are intimidated into not protecting themselves from attacks. A bullying environment, fear of potential retaliation and more bullying in the future are some reasons.

Bully Bosses
As I mentioned earlier, bullies are also owners, managers, supervisors and human resource directors. This almost always results in a hostile work environment where workplace bullying is a “way of life”.

The Power Of Waiting While Intimidating
Many organizations have the legal and financial resources to “wait out” or stall the bullying victim seeking justice. The bullying target may not have access to the resources that will aid in a complaint process. Employers count on this and the ignorance of the victim of bullying not knowing his or her employee rights.

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Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying is a major problem for employees and employers. Bullies at work hinder productivity, morale and stability. Learn how to recognize and stop workplace bullying.

Workplace Bullying…

…is  always bad for business. Workplace bullying is around because the company condones and rewards him or her.

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