Social Media Background Checks

Social Media Background Checks

Social media has exploded. In the last 5 years social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIN have increased almost 1000%!! There are social media applications being created for nearly every area of life. Wikipedia statistics reveal 345 social media sites and counting. The explosion of social media has also created an explosion of problems for the workplace.

Employers and employees are facing new challenges because of social media screening. Job applicants and employees are using a social networking background check without giving much thought to the consequences. Employers are using and developing social media employment screening strategies designed to…

1) Protect Their Business
2) Improve Customer Service
3) Screen Career Seekers
4) Screen Employees

Businesses including yours can be “sabotaged” virtually in an instant by disgruntled, disillusioned or dissatisfied customers or potential customers. Former employees also use social media and social network background checks to “trash” their former bosses and their products and services. The same goes for employer competitors.

Social Media Background Screening

Because of all these things organizations are creating positions associated with SMS (Social Media Screeners), SMI (Social Media Investigators), Social Intelligence Background Check or Social Media Checks for Employment. The purpose of which is to conduct a “background check” on social media platforms of potential employees and current employees. There are also variations of these titles, which may yet be “unofficial”. Government regulations are not keeping up with the growth of social media background checks.

As a result anyone seeking a job or on the job are potential targets for issues like various forms of discrimination because of social media background checks abuse.

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