Intermittent FMLA Leave Guidelines

Intermittent FMLA Leave Guidelines should be understood by every employee. What is intermittent FMLA? Unfortunately, many in the workplace know little of nothing about this important employment law.Intermittent FMLA leave allows employees to take unpaid leave in increments of time. For example, you may need to go to physical therapy twice a week for a month.

Intermittent FMLA Leave Guidelines

Intermittent fmla leave guidelines means an eligible employee can take leave in an “on” and “off” basis. The employee can also take Fmla leave in a continuous way. The FMLA should begin for an eligible employee who has been absent for more than three consecutive calendar days for a qualified reason.

The following is an example of continuous leave. Yvonne has been a full-time employee who has worked since 2003. Next month she has to have surgery as a result of a serious health condition. Intermittent FMLA Leave Guidelines protect employees and their families.

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