Basic Employee Rights

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Basic Employee Rights

Ignorance of Basic Employee Rights is a recipe for workplace disaster. If you are seeking a career as graduate from high school or college learning basic worker rights is a must.

Employee Rights

Basic Employment Rights education is the almost never taught in elementary, secondary or college level courses. Why?

My Employee Rights

Most employers don’t want you to know what your rights as an employee are! Learn more about Basic Employee Rights


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Hosting says:

Most employees have a legal right to a period of notice if their employer dismisses them. Many employees will have extra rights to notice under their contract of employment. There will always be a contract of employment, even if there is nothing written down. Even if the law or your contract of employment does not give you the right to a minimum amount of notice, you are still entitled to ‘reasonable’ notice.

employvideo says:

Hello Hosting,

That’s not true. There’s a little thing called “At Will” employment doctrine which allows employers to terminate immediately. This of course in the absence of any collective bargaining agreement.

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