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Who? That would be me Yancey Thomas Jr. and I’m the publisher of EmployeeRightsVideos.org! I’ve worked for someone else most of the 31 years of my career as a computer professional. However, My wife and I have owned several small businesses as well. I am a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 trained mediator/neutral for general civil/commercial/employment disputes.

I am on the national panel of certified Employment Law mediators through the Alliance for Education in Dispute Resolution and Cornell University. Also, I am an accomplished and certified mediator/neutral through the American Association of Christian Counselors for alternative dispute resolution of all domestic, civil, business and employment conflicts.

What? Since this blog is about employee rights guide I am one employee sharing fundamental information concerning our rights in the workplace in as simple and everyday language as possible. I’m sharing many of my real world employment experiences and how learning my employee rights in the workplace has empowered me. My goal is to show fellow employees how they can also be empowered.

When? Ten years ago GOD ALMIGHTY gave me the wisdom to educate myself about my basic employee rights about nine months before I was terminated from my employment. I applied the knowledge gained and was reinstated by a unanimous vote of the appeals board. Oh by the way, I did have an attorney to guide me through the appeal process. I highly recommend anyone who values their employment not being unjustly taken away always consult with a competent employment law attorney.

Where? My wife and I reside in southeast Tennessee. We are always looking for legitimate self employment opportunities. Let’s face it, working for someone else allows them to dictate what your time is worth. The one irreplaceable asset any of us have is time. Once it’s used we can’t get it back. That makes it even more important to visit EmployeeRightsVideos.org!

Why? I have witnessed and been the victim of a lot of injustice in the workplace over the years. In that time I figured out that the overwhelming majority of employers I worked for assumed I wasn’t aware of my employee rights. In fact most of them who had an attitude of exploitation with no appreciation counted on that ignorance. Many friends and strangers I know of have and are going through similar situations such as discrimination, harassment, demotion, retaliation and termination.

There are many employers who do appreciate their most important asset, their employees! Unfortunately a lot of companies view employees as commodities to be used! My passion is my compassion for helping my fellow employees learn as I learned. I am a trained mediator in general civil, business and employment issues, but I am not a lawyer or trained legal professional. Please review my specific disclaimer. I’m continuing to learn more about my employee rights and my website and blog are intended to help you learn those rights as well.